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Transforming Clinical Work Through Evidence-Based Work Design

Connecting Healthcare Worker Safety, Patient Safety, and Organizational Outcomes

We are on a mission—to revolutionize the way we approach work and work design within the healthcare sector. Our goal is to drive improved outcomes for our workforce, patients, and organizations. On our website, you’ll find several key offerings:

  1. The latest evidence-based practices for enhancing workplace performance.
  2. Our GrittyWork Blog, where our team explores emerging literature and innovative methods for evaluating workplace practices.
  3. Updates on GrittyWork, our safety management platform, including its current applications and future developments.
  4. An invitation to join us in this collaborative endeavor—because this mission is too vast to undertake alone.

Together, let’s shape the future of work in healthcare!

Download the GrittyWork App and provide insights today!

Note: At this time, the GrittyWork App is currently available for our partner sites with plans to expand access in the future. For more information on future access expansion and to get on our listserv/waitlist, please reach out via our GrittyWork email here.

Workforce Insights

There are workload thresholds at which clinician and patient care outcomes decline.

By understanding and implementing optimal care models, we can:

Improve clinician wellness
Drive the best patient outcomes
Enhance operational efficiency
Make smart financial decisions

Our Focus

Actively and passively collect clinician perception of work

GrittyWork Mobile Application will pair with clinician scheduling software to pulse brief surveys

Pair electronic health record data with GrittyWork App to determine workload thresholds that drive outcomes

Understand optimal workloads

Develop surveillance platform with decision support to detect when workloads are causing harm

Provide insights into workload thresholds

Data network within the platform that utilizes predictive analytics to project financial and clinical outcomes based upon staffing models

Smart staffing solutions and decision support that pairs worker safety, patient safety, and institutional outcomes

“We aim to transform work and clinical care – through evidence based staffing practices that build thriving teams, patients, and institutions. We are bringing workforce safety, patient safety, and intuitional outcomes together in one platform for evidence-based decisions.”

Research Hub

Below you can find featured manuscripts focused on work done by the GrittyWork Team and collaborators:

Attention Among Health Care Professionals : A Scoping Review

Mark J Kissler; Samuel Porter; Michelle Knees; Katherine Kissler; Angela Keniston; Marisha Burden

Unlocking inpatient workload insights with electronic health record event logs

Marisha Burden; Angela Keniston; Jonathan Pell; Amy Yu; Liselotte Dyrbye; Thomas Kannampallil

Hospitalist Shared Leadership for Safety, Health, and Well-Being at Work: United States, 2022‒2023
Natalie V Schwatka; Angela Keniston; Gopi Astik; Anne Linker; Matthew Sakumoto; Gregory Bowling; Andrew Auerbach; Marisha Burden
Salient Measures of Hospitalist Workload
Marisha Burden; Lauren McBeth; Angela Keniston
Harnessing the Power of Hospitalists in Operational Disaster Planning: COVID-19

Kasey Bowden; Ellen L. Burnham; Angela Keniston; Dimitriy Levin; Julia Limes; Jason Persoff; Lindsay Thurman; Marisha Burden

The Impact of Hospital Capacity Strain: a Qualitative Analysis of Experience and Solutions at 13 Academic Medical Centers

Sagarika Arogyaswamy; Nemanja Vukovic; Angela Keniston; Sarah Apgar; Kasey Bowden; Molly A. Kantor; Manuel Diaz; Lauren McBeth; Marisha Burden

Discharge Today: the Efficacy of a Multi-disciplinary Discharge Team

Kasey Bowden; Angela Keniston; Lauren McBeth; Katharine Perica; Marisha Burden

Hospitalists’ perspectives on challenging patient encounters and physician well-being: A qualitative study

Lisa Fosnot; Christine D. Jones; Angela Keniston; Marisha Burden; Kimberly A. Indovina; Hemali Patel

GrittyWork Blog – Designing for Success

GrittyWorkTM Team

Marisha Burden, MD, MBA
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Hospital Medicine Division Head

Angela Keniston, PhD, MSPH
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Director of Data Analytics

Lauren McBeth Headshot

Lauren McBeth, BA
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Data Analytics Principal Professional

Kelsey Hussey

Kelsey Hussey, BA
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Website and Digital Marketing Senior Specialist

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